• Cozumel (Kosom, Lumil, in Maya, meaning Land of the Swallows) is the third largest island in México and the second most populous in the country.
  • On May 3, 1518, Juan de Grijalva was the first Spanish man to discover and land on the island, which he called “Santa Cruz de la Puerta América”. On that trip, days later, the first Catholic mass in México was officiated on Cozumel beaches.
  • After the conquest, it served as a refuge for pirates and privateers, as Pierre Sanfroy, Henry Morgan and Jean Lafitte.
  • It is the preferred destination for international cruise companies.

El Cielo. . In Punta Sur park, a natural surprise awaits for your visit. In the Colombia Lagoon, you can enjoy the mangrove scenery and bird-watching.

San Gervasio.The island’s most important archaeological site. Place of worship for the Mayan goddess of fertility, Ixchel.

Parque Chankanaab. Parque Chankanaab is a great monument to the nature of the island. Protected refuge for marine life along the western coast, Chankanaab’s sea is perfect for diving.

The museum.The museum. Is small but has a lot of wonderful exhibits and presentations with the history of the island, famous coral reefs, and pieces from the time of the Spanish galleons.

Atlantis Submarine. . Offers the opportunity to admire the vibrant colors of exotic fish and fauna that live in the depths of coral reefs along the coast of Cozumel.

Isla de la Pasión. It has beautiful beaches, an outdoor bar and offers the opportunity to practice water activities like kayaking, in addition to a jeep drive.

Discover Mexico Cozumel Park. Recently created, offers visitors a unique experience, bringing together in one space all the wonders of Mexico. It features a Folk Art Museum.

Punta Molas. Is located at the extreme northern end of the island’s coast and is the easternmost point of Mexico. There is an old lighthouse and some of the most beautiful beaches.